Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are watching the videos online, then you might run into bandwidth issues of your internet connection. In this case better download the videos and watch them locally on your device. If this is slow as well, then your computer or device might not have enough system resources. You might be able to free up resources by closing other programs or restarting your machine.

Please take a moment to double check your spelling, your capitalization, and that your CAPS lock key is not on. If it still fails please restart your device or computer, because sometimes that gets things "unstuck" by clearing caches with typos and similar. If this does not help, please request a new password at If you already did that, then please send us an email to [email protected] and together we will get your account fixed.

No problem, you can have a new password within seconds. Just head over to "Request new password" dialog:

Just make sure that you enter the email address which you used when purchasing the program.

Our system should have sent you an email within minutes of your purchase, with your login and access details. If you didn't receive it, this pretty much always means your email service provider decided it was spam. If you are lucky, then it ended up in your spam folder. If so, then please mark it "Not Spam." If it's not in there, then please request a new password for the email address you used when purchasing this program. Request the password over here (it only takes seconds):

Yes you can! You can either use the webbrowser on your device to watch the videos online, or you download the video files and play them offline in the video player on your device.